Australia wins the team gold medal in the Panama ISA World Masters Print
Written by Elli   
Wednesday, 08 September 2010 16:10

Final Team Medal Standings

Gold: Australia

Silver: South Africa

Bronze: Brazil

Copper: Puerto Rico


The winners of the individual divisions are:

Masters (over 35): Andrew Banks (RSA)

Grand Masters (over 40): Juan Ashton (PUR)

Kahunas (over 45): Rod Baldwin (AUS)

Grand Kahunas (over 50): Chris Knutsen (RSA)

Women Masters (over 35): Heather Clark (RSA)


Special thanks to the Australian Surf Team who maybe wouldn't have won without our fruit shakes ;-) In honour of their victory we named their favourite shake the OZ Shake (it's a mix of all different fruits with ginger and garlic)


We had a great time and hope there will be more international events in Santa Catalina.
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